How to Overcome Communication Breakdowns

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As many accountants know, one of the key frustrations in their work life, particularly at the busiest times, is staff and client communication and getting everyone on the same page.

Sure, we know that often times, it’s on their end; not sharing with you exactly what you need when you need it (even after you sent your organizers and emails). But after speaking with the “Countess of Communication” herself, Geni Whitehouse, CPA, as part of our Tax Chat series, it is clear that tax and accounting professionals could do more to help ensure work is flowing, clients are clear on what is needed (and staff as well), and everyone is more in sync. The result, of course, is minimizing any breakdowns in communication and needless anxiety.

Our very pointed chat covered:

• What you can do to improve overall client communications
• Reduce the “back and forth” between staff and clients
• Set realistic boundaries and timelines
• How to get what you need and avoid getting “ghosted”
• How to best share your processes to ensure a smoother overall tax season and prevent mistakes

Geni also took time to detail the DISC communication assessment, which is ultimately about establishing a universal, observable language of behavior. In her view, this is the core premise if you want to be an advisor. But at the very least, it will assist with all of the aforementioned frustrations.

If you were not able to attend our recent chat, we have you covered. Take a look at our discussion here and learn what you could be doing to have better lines of communication with clients and staff.

Tax Chat: Overcoming Client Communication Frustration

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