How to Live in the Uncomfortable 

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A few weeks ago, I published an article  about how progression in accounting won’t happen until firm leaders and even staff learn to operate outside of their comfort zones. But how does one live in the uncomfortable? It all starts with a discussion. This is what happened at a recent Accounting Alchemy Network lyceum that… Continue reading How to Live in the Uncomfortable 

Facing Professional Growth in Accounting

I recently joined Laurence Whittam of Impact Global Solutions on the Business Beyond Borders podcast. We discussed achieving life-work balance as well as the opportunities that live events, new and existing, bring to the profession. We also dove into these topics:

Intuit Introduces QuickBooks Solopreneur

In what may seem like a familiar product, Intuit recently unveiled QuickBooks Solopreneur, a tax and finance tool designed specifically with the solo business owner in mind. According to Intuit, the new offering was designed to allow solo business owners (yes, this includes ‘gig workers’) the ability to: At first glance, those familiar with the… Continue reading Intuit Introduces QuickBooks Solopreneur

The Growing Role of CPAs in Financial Planning

This was from a podcast with Matt Ackermann, Chief Content Officer at Integrated Partners, who also spoke with his colleague Paul Saganey and me about how CPAs are growing within their role in the financial planning industry. Paul and I discussed:

Make it ‘Productive Season’

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At this time of year, most accountants are considered to be mired in an annual waterboarding-like ritual known as ‘busy season.’ While the moniker has long stirred ire, one way to rally against its implication is to take a good look at what being ‘busy’ means. Moreover, why not make it more productive? Perspective is… Continue reading Make it ‘Productive Season’

Living in the Uncomfortable

I recently wrote an article about how if any real change is going to occur in the accounting profession, accountants not only have to break out of their comfort zones, they need to live outside them. But what does it mean to ‘live in the uncomfortable’? Well, on Monday February 19th at 12:00 PM Pacific… Continue reading Living in the Uncomfortable