What the Future of Accounting Really Needs

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In my very first piece in INSIGHTS, the official magazine of the Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS), I get into it about what it is truly going to take for accountants to have a future in this great profession.

Top Challenges in the Accounting Profession

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This is a throwback to an interview I did with Mike Michalowicz and Ron Saharyan of Profit First, where we discussed what accountants are truly up against and how it can possibly change.

Predictions for CFOs and AI in 2024

In this incredibly interactive roundtable discussion, hosted by Centime, founder BC Krishna, IntelyCare CFO Chris Sands and I got into it about where AI fits into the world of CFOs and accounting and finance teams. What’s behind the hype?

Running Your Favorite Tools

We specifically spoke with Bryan Cohen, CPA, a partner at Jameson & Co. who gave a candid account of how his practice runs and the importance of using the tools they do in the way they need to.

Podcast: Embracing Change, the Future of Accounting

Here’s my very engaging (if I do say) chat that I had with Ganesh Ranganathan, CEO of Integra Global Solutions on his Bottomline Accountant podcast. We got into it about the changes the profession needs, their current and evolving role in business and economy, and of course the importance of live events for essential networking… Continue reading Podcast: Embracing Change, the Future of Accounting