Don’t Look Back, Look at Where You Are

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It’s been a minute since I offered one of my missives about the accounting profession, but as most of you are likely looking back at what you’ve accomplished so far this year, I urge you to look even closer at where you are.

Now I know, this seems pretty obvious and maybe a bit pedestrian. You may even say, “Hey Seth, we’re accountants; looking back is what we do.” I get that, but now that you may have a modicum of capacity to plan some positive next steps for your business (remember, you Are running a business), I am asking to see exactly where you are at at this point.

Show some appreciation, even be curious about what could perhaps be better. Take one thing about where you’re standing (not literally) and either enjoy it or make plans to change it. That’s all. One thing: come up with as little as a three, but not more than a five-step plan, to make it happen before this time next year. Heck, maybe even before the end of this calendar year.

Whatever it takes to be in this moment and get that plan rolling, that’s my simple request of you all. And if I see you out and about, which I sincerely hope I do (and I’ll list where I’m going to be present below), I want you to say that you read this or at least be prepared to answer my question: “Where are you at right now and what are you doing to make it better?”

So where will I be for me to ask you this? Well, I’ll tell you:

  • Firm Growth Forum (San Diego, May 20-22)
  • ENGAGE(Aria, Las Vegas, June 3-5)
  • Bridging the Gap (Rosemont, Ill. July 22-24)
  • Xerocon (Nashville, Aug 14-15)
  • Botkeeper AI Unchained (Santa Rosa, Calif. Oct. 8-10)
  • QB Connect (Oct/Nov.)

And if you’re too shy or none of these are on your agenda, no problem. Message me via my LinkedIn or email

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