Why Attend Bridging the Gap?

In just two weeks, the second iteration of Tri-Merit Group’s Bridging the Gap conference will commence. So, why is it so important to be a part of it, or at least know what this, above all other live events, is trying to accomplish?

Now I know that right about now some of you are probably saying, “Yeah, Seth, we have already heard from you about this event. What more could you possibly tell us?” What I can say from here is that the need for live events comes from our professional and human need to connect and feel a part of something. At its core, this is why Bridging the Gap was established and why, in its second year, it continues to grow.

This is not all. In my view, while there are many great and respected live events in the accounting space, there aren’t any that truly focus on the human behind the professional. If the accounting profession is to sustain and even grow, the focus needs to be on the individual feeling the confidence and support to take the necessary steps to do so.

In order for this to happen, there needs to be topics that connect on a personal level, but attendees and vendors alike need to be aligned with the same purpose. This, again, is what Bridging the Gap is very much about.

There is still time and a bit of space to be a part of it this year. Make the move and join us; you will not regret it. But hey, don’t just take my word for it. Listen to what other accounting professionals have to say about the event.

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