Panel: Successfully Automating Your Practice

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This was a great panel discussion I participated in during Accounting Today’s ‘Firm Growth Forum,’ where Heather Satterley and I shared best practices and new ideas on what and how to automate successfully.

The State of Accountant-Vendor Relations

Rob Brown and got into it on the Accountant Influencers Podcast about the current state of the accounting profession, as well as the increasingly tenuous, but essential relationship they have with vendors. 

3 Tasks to Automate Now (if you haven’t)

With all that can be automated, what is an accounting firm leader to do when it comes to prioritizing the tasks that need it most? Check my article in Karbon Magazine to find out what to prioritize today!

Navigating Change as an Accountant

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center’s podcast ‘Building the Premier Accounting Firm.’ We got into it about the value of live events, debating the growth of advisory services, our views on AI and where this profession is truly moving.

How Will We Move Forward?

This recent LinkedIn Live chat with Loren Fogelman takes a good dive into how current trends and conditions are impacting you as a CPA, EA or professional bookkeeper.

CPAs and Accountants Can Be Unique

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This may seem like a given statement. After all, accounting professionals are human and all humans are unique. But as professionals, the impression has long been one thing. One of a very staid or subdued, somewhat introverted or socially awkward individual that may only display excitement around numbers, spreadsheets and data in general. Clearly this… Continue reading CPAs and Accountants Can Be Unique

What Bogs Down Accountants?

Through all of my years covering the profession, year in and year out the largest blocker for most firms (which happen to be of the smaller variety) is time.