Pointed Views on Cloud vs. Managed Cloud 

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In accounting, and business in general, the debate over what is cloud and hosted or managed cloud and the core differences therein, have been bandied about for over a decade. At the end of the day, what they each are is a matter of preference for firms that use applications in these respective environments. Clearly… Continue reading Pointed Views on Cloud vs. Managed Cloud 

Why Accountants Need an ‘Other’

In my latest Karbon Magazine column, I share stories of accountants who have something in their lives that helps give them purpose and better connect with why they do what they do. An ‘other.’

What Are Your ‘Live’ Plans This Year?

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I try to make it a point every year that there’s not a global pandemic, to reiterate the importance of attending live events for accountants. While they’re not all for everyone, the idea of being among your colleagues, sharing thoughts, ideas, pains and yeah getting some CPE in, has proved invaluable in the best and… Continue reading What Are Your ‘Live’ Plans This Year?

Earning Trust With Accountants

Whether you are a vendor, service provider, or other entity looking to sell to, through or partner with accounting professionals the most important goal is trust. If you do not establish this essential component of the relationship early, and maintain it often, you can all but kiss that connection goodbye. And once it’s gone, it… Continue reading Earning Trust With Accountants

A Simple Reminder: You Got This

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It’s been a week, hasn’t it? With a Federal budget proposal in place in order to keep the government functioning(for now), and agencies like the IRS open, but many questions, confusion and frustration abound, I know going into Tax Season 2024 is less than inviting. I’m just here to say, it’s going to be OK.… Continue reading A Simple Reminder: You Got This

Thoughts on Industry Disruption

This was a great interview that the inimitable Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE conducted with me on her Designated Motivator show about some of the disruption I’ve witnessed in accounting and where, overall, the profession is moving in good and bad ways.