What Will Change Accounting?

On yet another episode of Accounting Answers with Rob Brown, I was asked what, if anything, will significantly change accounting in the next few years? I was one of 5 voices in this episode, check it out!

Automated Sales Tax Compliance Competition Heats Up

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As the digital economy continues to grow across the globe, so too is the need for automated compliance. This has, unsurprisingly, given rise, of course, to competition among sales tax compliance automation applications. The latest recipient of a financial boost in this space is Anrok, a global sales tax platform for software companies, which has… Continue reading Automated Sales Tax Compliance Competition Heats Up

What is Raising the Bar for You?

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As most accountants prepare to shake off the effects of yet another tax season, the question remains: what is going to get you and your firm to the next level? Perhaps you’re not thinking about what’s next for your business. Not so “should’ on you, but you kind of should. If you’re frustrated with aspects… Continue reading What is Raising the Bar for You?

It’s Not All Negative

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It’s hard not to be on social media as a professional these days, especially as we work away for clients, and as such, things can look pretty dark in accounting. I’m here to say that it’s not all that bad, and, moreover, there’s hope. Sure, opinions on social platforms only show part of the picture,… Continue reading It’s Not All Negative

Is Xero All That Different?

While the software company may have its differences compared to other accounting and finance platforms, this headline is not. I posted this two years ago after attending the last Xerocon U.S. event, and in that time the question still remains: how do they really stand out? Moreover, as accountants gear up for “conference season,” attending… Continue reading Is Xero All That Different?

Vendors Can Do Better to Serve Accountants

A pointed statement, I know, but the fact is that while technology permeates nearly every aspect of an accountant’s work, the relationship between the two parties could be vastly improved. In a recent interview with Accounting Influencers Roundtable co-founder Rob Brown, he asked me and numerous other noteworthy observers and downright influential souls in the… Continue reading Vendors Can Do Better to Serve Accountants