The Top Apps for Accountants in 2023

At the end of this Accounting Today report on top accounting apps, I give my views on a few that I thought were doing accountant outreach and connection right.

Podcast: The Challenges Accountants Face

Accountants these days are facing adversity on all fronts. I was honored to be a part of the Sage Thought Leadership podcast with Ed Kless to discuss what I see are the most challenging aspects of being in this profession.

Accountants are Doing Email Wrong

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Email has always been an albatross of sorts for firms. Most firms use it as their primary source of communication and are under the belief that they are “secure” if they use encryption. Add in the fact that is actually illegal to have personally identifiable information (PII) on your machine and it all equals one… Continue reading Accountants are Doing Email Wrong

Is Growth Really Essential?

There’s often too much emphasis placed on ‘growth’ for accounting firm owners. For some, it’s essential, for others it may not be the best decision. Accounting Today’s Editor Dan Hood and I get into it on a recent podcast about you guessed it…growth.

ChatGPT and AI Implications in Accounting

This was a great podcast I did with AFO Wealth Management Forward’s Rory Henry and Tallyfor founders Ben Wen and Peter Wen, really getting into the early discussions around ChatGPT in accounting and business in general.