Tax Rep Training Sprouts From New Partnership

It’s been widely publicized that the IRS may be finally catching up on its “balance due” and other notices to taxpayers and, as such, so goes the need for tax representation work. If this is indeed your path as a CPA or tax pro, then consider this new partnership between accounting exam prep and training service Becker and the Tax Rep Network.

The new partnership will essentially provide webcasts and on-demand CPE courses for tax practitioners and firms looking to expand their services and represent taxpayers in front of the IRS. The first webcasts are now available for registration and purchase through Becker’s catalog and website.

The timing of this venture could not be better. In fact, TRN co-founder and CPA Trendlines contributor Eric Green, Esq., noted in a recent article that the IRS has identified over 11.3 million taxpayers that have failed to file returns, and more than 15 million with back balances already owed. Moreover, the IRS can now levy 3.2 million taxpayers immediately, and automated enforcement will soon begin on the 2021 and prior balances due.

As we know, during spring of 2020 when the Pandemic hit, the IRS put all automated enforcement on hold. This helped to avoid making life more difficult for taxpayers already struggling, and to avoid it having issues responding when its workers moved to remote work and campuses were closed.

Then, in the summer of 2023 the IRS planned to send reminder notices (a Threat to Levy) in the hope taxpayers with back balances would voluntarily contact them and make arrangements to settle the back balance. After Labor Day that year, the IRS turned back on the automated enforcement waves to get back to business as normal.

Shortly after, Congress got involved and we faced multiple potential government shutdowns. Congress ultimately funded the IRS and the Service deferred turning on automated enforcement on until after January 1st 2024.

Those interested in learning about the new tax representation training or providing tax representation training to their staff can access webcasts and receive CPE or IRS-approved continuing education credit through Becker. Topics will include:

  • IRS Enforcement of Individuals
  • Examinations of Cash-Intensive Businesses
  • IRS Collection Process
  • The Inside Secrets to Tax-Liens.

New webcasts will be added monthly. Corporate CPE clients will have access to tax resolution webcasts and on-demand courses at no additional charge and can purchase access to the Tax Rep Network Gold Membership and schedule customized training events for their staff.

Webcasts and on-demand courses will launch in Becker’s Prime subscription and will begin this August. A new subscription for enrolled agents is launching in September. For more information and to sign up for the webcasts and on-demand courses, visit

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