The Anytime, Anywhere Work Survey Returns

In today’s talent-first environment, flexibility in where and when people work is a key component of being an employer of choice. But many leadership teams are struggling to develop a unified and consistent philosophy around remote and flex policies, and it shows in the inconsistent execution across departments and individual leaders’ engagements.

To get to the bottom of some of these questions, the ConvergenceCoaching LLC team has the Anytime, Anywhere Work™ (ATAWW) Survey, now in its 7th year.

The survey itself is designed to examine the adoption and impact of remote and flexible work practices in accounting and consulting firms across the country. New to the survey this year are two “paths”: one for Firm Leadership, on the firm’s remote and flex-work practices, and a separate one for Team Members, designed to understand remote and flexible work practices from their unique perspective.

By participating in both the ATAWW Firm Leadership survey and encouraging team members to participate in the Team Member option, firm leaders will gain important insights that can lead to better leadership and team alignment, as well as a “window” into talent’s opinions and experiences related to flexible work practices in our profession.

Survey participants will have the opportunity to benchmark their flexible and remote practices against those of other organizations around the country. They will have access to the full survey report, including an executive summary, detailed reporting on survey results, and best practices and strategies to drive successful adoption of remote and flexible work policies, by November 22, 2024.

Non-participants will have easy download access to the executive summary at no cost and can purchase the full survey report.

The Firm Leadership portion of the survey is designed for completion by one person for each accounting firm, usually the Managing Partner or a top HR professional. Those leaders are asked to provide information about their firm’s remote and flex work practices.

The Team Member survey is open to anyone currently working in an accounting firm and multiple team member responses per firm are welcome.

Feel free to take the survey HERE.

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