Living in the Uncomfortable

I recently wrote an article about how if any real change is going to occur in the accounting profession, accountants not only have to break out of their comfort zones, they need to live outside them. But what does it mean to ‘live in the uncomfortable’?

Well, on Monday February 19th at 12:00 PM Pacific Time (3:00 ET) the Accounting Alchemy Network (AAN) is hosting a free forum where we will really dig into some of the issues I raised in the article, as well as share strategies and ideas around how we can all benefit from stepping outside our comfort zones and creating positive change.

For the accounting profession, this can include not responding to every client call or email, working comparatively fewer hours, using technology you haven’t before if it means increasing efficiency, or even posting entry-level positions at a higher pay (you are raising fees anyway, yes?). And maybe, just maybe, embracing more diverse staffing practices and truly being more inclusive as a profession.

It is these kinds of rich, inspiring, and synergistic conversations among small, passionate groups that create big, positive change in our world!

The meeting will begin with a bit of meet and greet, with introductions and check-ins, and then dive into some fun discussion prompts and an experimental group authorship of some content around my recent article, “It’s Time to Do the Uncomfortable.” We will wrap up the session with the most inspiring moments and action items.

So, who is the Accounting Alchemy Network (AAN)? They are a group of like-minded accounting professionals who have come together to discuss one core question: What can we do to make the accounting profession into a vehicle for positive change in our world?

And, according to their vision statement, it is a network established to “create a world where accounting professionals are a positive force in developing a sustainable and regenerative global ecosystem and culture.”

Come and learn more about the group and join in the discussion! It is your profession, you have a say in how it evolves. Register here.

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