What Tax Representation as a Service is About

Tax professionals have long had issues with some aspect of tax prep work, but rarely to the point of wanting to leave it and accounting all together. This has been the state of mind for a growing number of tax pros of late, predominantly since the pandemic. But leaving it all doesn’t have to be the only answer, which is why tax representation as a service could be a viable alternative.

I recently took the opportunity to speak with Eric L. Green, a tax attorney and founder of the Tax Representation Network, during a new series called Tax Talk, which is in partnership with CPA Trendlines. The pointed and open discussion focused on a key option tax pros have to keep their tax practices, focus on their better clients, and help them deal with the increase in back payment notices they’ll likely be receiving from the IRS (if they haven’t already).

In his words (which were, in fairness, likely someone else’s): “Life is too short to do another tax season.” Meaning, there are alternatives, and the one tax pros are already prepared to do (with a little extra training) is tax representation work. Now, certainly, if you are an Enrolled Agent, this is something you are already authorized to do. But with a certification from the Tax Representation Network, you will be able to market a specific set of training and skills when your clients receive their variety of collection notices.

Some of the core topics covered in our very pointed chat in the middle of tax season were:

  • What is tax representation?
  • How does tax representation work?
  • Do I need to give up my existing tax practice?
  • What is the RCP formula?
  • How to deal with specific IRS notices
  • Why get certified, especially if I’m an EA already?
  • What is the bottom line for tax pros, visa v tax representation?
  • Why aren’t more tax pros doing this?

See the full video chat here!

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