Intuit Introduces QuickBooks Solopreneur

In what may seem like a familiar product, Intuit recently unveiled QuickBooks Solopreneur, a tax and finance tool designed specifically with the solo business owner in mind.

According to Intuit, the new offering was designed to allow solo business owners (yes, this includes ‘gig workers’) the ability to:

  • Manage books, all in one place: Access transaction management tools that automatically separate business and personal transactions into categories for easy review, connect bank accounts, and import spreadsheet data for a full view of operations.
  • Utilize tools and insights to drive business decisions: Easily view income, expenses, and profit with simple reports and dashboards to stay in control of cash flow in real time. Customers can also set up trackable goals, view insights, and see recommended actions to help them make smarter business decisions and achieve goals.
  • Improve tax time needs: New tools auto-track miles on-the-go through the QuickBooks mobile app, and categorize business trips for accurate tax time deductions for business expenses. Customers can also move from books to taxes to prepare and file tax year returns directly in QuickBooks, and access expert help through QuickBooks Live Assisted Tax, powered by TurboTax.

At first glance, those familiar with the QuickBooks line of products may wonder what the difference is between QuickBooks Solopreneur and QuickBooks Self-Employed, which launched back in 2015. For Intuit’s part, it is claiming the new product was “built on the expertise gained from serving self-employed business owners with QuickBooks Self-Employed.”

They also added that ​​QuickBooks Solopreneur “provides an elevated experience with added flexibility and productivity tools designed for the needs of one-person businesses, to help them set financial goals and further grow.”

If I were reading between the lines here, I’d say that QBSE may likely be sunset, in favor of Solopreneur, which, if it is truly a more enhanced version, will likely command a higher price point. As of now, Solopreneur has an introductory offer of $10/mo,. for the first three months. The regular price is $20/mo.

In fact, if you do a current product search for QBSE, you are taken directly to the Solopreneur product page. All remains to be seen, but in seeing something similar to this before (going back to the Paycyle acquisition, resulting in the creation of Intuit Online Payroll, which subsequently replaced the existing Intuit Online Payroll), it seems like QBSE will be no more as a brand.

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