AI Moving Into HR With ADP Release

Barely a year removed from the introduction of ChatGPT, generative AI has been showing up in a variety of areas of accounting and back office work, the latest being HR management.

ADP today announced the availability of ADP Assist, a cross-platform solution powered by generative AI (GenAI). ADP Assist was built to enhance HR productivity, aid decision-making with data-driven insights, and streamline day-to-day tasks for accounting practitioners, managers, employees and executives with simple, human-like conversations. ADP Assist builds on ADP’s current AI capabilities and is currently in early release with some ADP clients today with a planned rollout for all clients.

ADP Assist integrates with ADP products across multiple ADP platforms. It was designed to anticipate what users want and proactively deliver actionable insights in plain language.

In addition:

  • ADP Assist provides contextual insights which touch every aspect of HR – payroll, time, talent, benefits, recruitment, analytics, reporting and compliance. 
  • ADP Assist can send personalized, proactive notifications to employees on their mobile device or desktop to help resolve HR issues quickly, keeping them productive. 
  • AI-powered conversational interface makes it easy for employees to get the information they need without involving HR. 
ADP Assist

To give a bit of perspective, within the past year we’ve seen some very AI-centric moves in bookkeeping functions, accounting, tax, payroll, and now overall HR management. This is way more than just having chatbots to help with productivity.

As I’ve touted in the past, and will continue to, AI is our current (and foreseeable future) iteration of automation. As long as there’s data to be crunched and applied to reduce time for comparatively “basic” and “low-value” tasks, and provide useful insights to its user base, AI will continue to grow in use and importance in all business functions, particularly those where time is a factor.

Just always remember, and never forget, AI tools are here to replace tasks, not people. It is for this reason the companies like Intuit and now ADP are even putting ‘Assist’ into the names of their AI tools.

If you feel like you know tasks that would be better automated, get to know what AI tools can do for you and your team. No fear mongering or shaming, just an invitation.

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