A Simple Reminder: You Got This

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It’s been a week, hasn’t it? With a Federal budget proposal in place in order to keep the government functioning(for now), and agencies like the IRS open, but many questions, confusion and frustration abound, I know going into Tax Season 2024 is less than inviting. I’m just here to say, it’s going to be OK.

We all know there’s still stress over a potential government shutdown, despite some progress being made on a spending bill. We also know this bill has some confusing things in it, seems good for the Child Tax Credit, mixed reviews over ERC treatment (with of course no guidance yet) and the fact the IRS may still get closed down if a deal is not finalized. All of this and more leading up to tax filing season, which is now Jan 29 for individuals and Jan 16 for businesses.

What I can say is do not, and don’t ever forget that you are a community. Which means you have each other to lean on, to motivate one another, to temporarily freak out with or just vent.

I’ve already seen you sharing your snack recipes and food recommendations so that you don’t forget to eat and eat well for what’s coming. I hear you encouraging one another with words of support when you can’t get through to someone at the IRS or that client that you told not to use ChatGPT for sensitive information just uploaded signed, personal documents into it and you want to scream.

Like every year, there’s always something set to derail you, make you feel less-than or just flat out confounds the heck out of you. So to you all, I say with all of my heart: You can do it.

How do I know? Because you have each other. You were there for one another all through the pandemic, and beyond. When one of you wanted to pack it all in and give up on accounting all together, you said “it’s OK, I understand, but we need you and so do many of your clients.”

So, before the storm comes:

·      take a breath

·      plan your breaks

·      don’t answer every call or email right away

·      check in with yourself (and others where

·      know when to say “No” or “Enough” for the day

You got this.

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