Take the Accounting Pipeline Survey!

There’s been little debate about the existence of a pipeline issue in accounting, but what’s been your view on the matter and, more importantly, what can be done about it?

One way to gain these insights, of course, is through survey work. And while they are not always the most definitive indicator of the state of things, they can provide us with the necessary insights to build on. For this, and many other reasons, you need to know about an important profession-wide survey happening now!  

Spearheaded by the multi-stakeholder National Pipeline Advisory Group (NPAG), they have spent many months studying the pipeline shortage in accounting by listening and learning from stakeholders through an extensive study of existing research, focus groups, and polling. Now, as they consider solutions and recommendations to address the profession’s pipeline shortage, they are seeking input from the profession in the form of a national survey to gather feedback on proposed ideas.

The results will inform a National Pipeline Strategic Plan that will be presented to AICPA Council later in May 2024, with a final report in July 2024.  In addition, NPAG co-founder and partner, Jennifer Wilson (of Convergence Coaching fame), is the group’s independent facilitator. In short, they need your help for a final push!

Take the survey yourself (if you haven’t already). The entire accounting profession is invited to take the national survey. This includes CPAs, accounting and finance professionals, educators, accounting association members, state regulators, and other stakeholders working in the profession. 

The link to the national survey is bit.ly/NPAG_NationalSurvey. Your participation will make a BIG difference with this effort!  The survey closes this Friday, May 3rd, so do get to it if you haven’t. Thank you!

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