What GrowCon Brings to Small Firms

If you are a solo or small firm owner and are not running your firm like a business, it may be time to seek some help and community connections. A live event that you may not yet be aware of, GrowCon, could offer what your firm needs right now.

I’ve made note of how important live events are to any accounting professional, particularly firm owners or leaders, as it is one of the most meaningful ways to get the connections you need on any issue you may experience. Even if you’re growth-minded and feel things with your practice are humming along, there are always more insights to be gained, or even shared, by being present with your colleagues in the profession.

As we know, the accounting profession is predominantly comprised of solo or small firm owners and staff. In my experience, this set of accountants tends to have the most issues to address.

There is no better way to get on top of whatever your firm is facing than to be among peers and knowledge sources that can share their experience and expertise directly with you. Moreover, you can, at your comfort level, offer where you are at to see what can be addressed.

Takeaways are what any conference-goer is after, and we’re not just talking vendor tchotchkys. When you have an event that is literally tailored for where your firm may be, it would behoove you to at least take notice.

I recently sat down with Universal Accounting co-founder, and GrowCon’s leader, Roger Knecht to discuss what firm leaders in this size bracket are facing. One key thing that struck me was when he said:

“I do believe that what we do is essential to the economy, but the problem is that it is getting somewhat dry for individuals. They are stuck in the day-to-day routines and mundaneness of the work. I’m excited about exposing them back to their ‘why’ and getting them passionate about the work. So, if you’re coming (to GrowCon) and you are on that spectrum, you are in the right place.”

Here’s a good clip of our interview together that highlights Roger’s passion for the accounting space, the aforementioned need for community connection, and what potential attendees may experience at GrowCon. Register TODAY while there is still time!

Talking GrowCon w/Roger Knecht

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