The Automation of Engagement to Cash

Whenever processes in the business of accounting become more streamlined, it’s usually a good thing. Such is my thinking on the latest union between AR automation service providers QuickFee and tax and accounting engagement letter creators Knuula.

The news itself was in time for one of the biggest tax, accounting, and finance events of the year, AICPA’s ENGAGE. The basic overview is this:

This partnership helps automate all engagement letters, proposals, invoices, and reminders, while enabling online payments at every touchpoint and reconciling back to the practice management system.

Clients can also use personalized payment links to pay right at the start of the engagement, choosing from a range of digital payment methods. All payment fields are pre-populated, and the firm retains total control over the displayed payment options.

Knuula’s engagement letter solution allows accounting firms to create customizable audit, tax, and advisory engagement letters at scale within minutes, using programmable templates and other QuickFee, Inc. advanced features.

Sounds pretty convenient, right? So, how did the partnership come together? Like most unions in the software world, product makers have the choice of building a solution themselves or partnering and integrating, as long as that is not too complicated.

With QuickFee and Knuula, it turned out that QuickFee customers were asking for this kind of solution and the two had already met last year. Discussions began not long after about how they could work together, and an integration was built to make it happen.

“We realized that while this was something we wanted to be able to offer (within QuickFee) it just wasn’t something we were going to build ourselves, so after meeting Knuula and having our mutual tech teams speak, it began to make sense that we could work together to make it happen,” said Jennifer Warawa, QuickFee’s President of North America.

QuickFee also integrates with other practice management solutions for the accounting profession, including Wolters Kluwer CCH Axcess™ Practice and CCH® ProSystem fx® Practice Management, Thomson Reuters Practice CS, and IRIS Practice Engine.

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