Overcoming Client Communication Frustration

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One of the key frustrations during tax season, and even after, is client communication and getting everyone on the same page. Often times, it’s on their end, not sharing with you exactly what you need when you need it (even after you sent your organizers and emails).

But is there a better way to Both get what you want? Join me and the “Countess of Communication” herself, Geni Whitehouse, CPA, for this very pointed chat on Friday, May 10, at 1pm EDT. At that time, we will be getting real about:

• What you can do to improve overall client communications
• Reduce the “back and forth” between staff and clients
• Set realistic boundaries and timelines
• How to get what you need and avoid getting “ghosted”
• How to best share your processes to ensure a smoother overall tax season and prevent mistakes
• Keep staff frustrations at a minimum

Your Speakers
Geni Whitehouse, CPA, CITP, CSPM has an extensive resume. As one of the Top 100 People in Accounting, she is also President of the Information Technology Alliance, Founder of The Impactful Advisor, a winery consultant and Napa Valley-based Brotemarkle, Davis & Co. LLP, as well as a popular keynote speaker and author in the accounting profession.

Seth Fineberg (hey, that’s ME!) is an accounting industry consultant, content strategist, analyst, and speaker. Through his current business, Accountants Forward, he aims to see the accounting profession progress through the creation of, and guidance on, practical and useful content from vendors, industry organizations, and accounting firms themselves.
He has been a business editor and journalist for over 30 years, the vast majority of which has been spent overseeing the accounting profession’s evolution. To this end, he has served as Technology Editor at Accounting Today and the head of AccountingWEB’s US team.
His articles and insights have, and continue to appear in top industry publications including CPA Trendlines, Accounting Today, Karbon Magazine and INSIGHTS Magazine.

While this event is not for CPE it is FREE and just requires a quick registration. So take a break and Join the Conversation!


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