How is it Going For You?

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For accounting professionals, especially those that are tax-focused, this time of year can be particularly trying. But never forget, you have a community there to support you, and the best way to do so is just to check in with your colleagues.

Taking the time just to see if someone in your profession, whether you know them personally, professionally, or even through social media, a simple check-in can go a long way. It’s not prying or invasive in any way; it’s simply asking if a colleague is OK. More accountants need to do this for one another, on a fairly regular basis if possible.

Perhaps these check-ins would make you feel uncomfortable. I would point out that this degree of stepping outside of your comfort zone could potentially be life-saving for a friend or colleague in the profession.

Look at it this way, if and when you have those moments that you simply feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or just “low,” what would it mean to have someone you are connected to just ask how you are doing? I’m not saying to be performative about it, but genuinely checking in on someone’s emotional or mental state can break them out of their state of mind, even for a little while.

My whole point, with all of this “checking in” is that if anything is going to change in this profession, it has to start with putting your mental health first. Set boundaries, and stick to them. Schedule in time for breaks in your day, because, as you well know, if it gets scheduled, it gets done.

And yes, ask a friend or colleague in the profession how they’re doing. They would do the same for you. Remember, this is a community, and as such, you will always have someone there who genuinely cares and can likely help with whatever you’re going through, even if it’s just to listen.

It’s a choice to care and also allow yourself to be cared for. Moreover, it’s one I personally hope you make.

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