What Can Accountants Do When They Hit a Wall?

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Tax season can often feel like running a marathon, and much like those runners, tax pros can also hit “the wall,” usually right around now.

You feel it physically and mentally. Calls and emails are coming in about the most basic questions. You’ve been on the phone with the IRS for too many hours to count. The 10th client has just asked you when their refund is coming in, and oh, by the way, there’s now some retroactive tax rules you need to explain to some clients. And the bank feeds in the bookkeeping software you’ve been using broke again.

It is a wonder tax pros stay in this profession, but you do it anyway because you are committed to helping your clients. So, what do you do when you have that feeling that you really can’t go on and want to pack it all in?

Practitioners always seem to manage, but is just getting by enough? Your mental and physical health need to take priority, especially at the busiest of times. Randy Crabtree, CPA, has been there, and he wants to help prioritize accountants’ mental health. Which is why we are going to have a very pointed chat on this very topic of recognizing “the wall” when it’s coming and what exactly practitioners can do about it if and when they hit it.

In our Tax Chat, co-hosted by CPA Trendlines, you will learn some real steps you can take right now and going forward to ensure you put you first, can get through “the wall” and are still able to balance life and work. All of this while delivering the quality your clients expect and will continue to pay more for.

The chat will be live on Friday, March 8, at 1pm EDT/10am PDT. It is free and designed so that you can take a needed break and get your questions answered. Register HERE today!

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