Accountants’ Construction Clients’ New HCM Friend

Accountants with construction industry clients, you know you are doing more for this business sector than perhaps you have historically. As such, you need tools that are going to increase your value as a business advisor and all-around partner in all things back office and growth, particularly when it comes to human capital management (HCM). Well, you may have a new friend in that department.

The official word is this: construction firms have unique payroll and HR challenges, such as, job costing, managing government compliance and reporting, attracting and retaining workers, unions and managing multiple projects across different sites.  For these reasons, ADP is launching ADP Workforce Now for Construction, a comprehensive HCM solution tailored for the construction industry. Built within the existing ADP Workforce Now platform, this latest, specialized offering was designed to give construction firms everything needed to run payroll accurately, manage HR efficiently, and recruit and develop workers more effectively.

The fact is, the HCM industry has had a bad reputation with accountants for a long time. And with the rollout of the Infrastructure Bill (now law), many of these companies are facing tougher compliance issues, increased labor shortages, uncertain economic condition and more. As such, accountants working with these clients are going to need to help navigate everything from helping to hire to job costing to compliance for instate, out of state union vs non- union and so on.

When using ADP Workforse Now for Construction, users can:

  • Track and manage regulatory requirements for single or cross-state operations
  • Automate the application of prevailing wage and fringe rates for government-funded projects
  • Manage and assign union wages and benefits.
  • Create Certified Payroll and Union reports within the system
  • Transfer job cost and general ledger data to existing ERP
  • Track time and attendance in real time for employees working on multiple jobs and performing different roles
  • Automate timekeeping, attendance tracking and scheduling
  • Use compensation benchmarks by industry, geography and position

In addition, ADP Workforce Now for Construction clients also have access to ADP’s Construction Center of Excellence (CCOE), a team of dedicated construction software specialists who provide implementation and training guidance built for construction clients. ADP’s CCOE provides industry clients with ongoing support for a variety of topics including payroll, taxes, compliance, reporting and more.

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