How to Handle Conference Comedown

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I am happy to overstate how live events are back, maybe you’ve been to one recently. You’ve networked, sat in sessions for hours, and yes you partied. The high that one feels from a live event can be euphoric and you can’t wait to get back to the the office (wherever it may be these days) and put all of that energy and inspiration to work. And then it hits you…the comedown.

If you’ve ever attended any live event, then you know. The level you were on for days comes crashing down. The memory of conversations that lifted you up in the moment become murky. And the hopefulness after that keynote, where you even took some notes, dissipates like a dream you awoke from and tried to remember but it’s only fragments.

I get it. Our routines take over once we get back from a conference. We stare at the unanswered emails and we plummet back to Earth from one bad client call, and you haven’t even finished your morning coffee.

How did you let this happen? Moreover, how can you get that great feeling back to make the changes or accomplish the tasks you know you need and that you were so inspired to tackle mere days ago?

I can tell you this, our daily lives can kill much of the buzz we had from being around our colleagues, from new friends and from hearing amazing speeches, We even all but forget what was said in that conversation you had with one of the breakout session panelists where you swore they understood your firm’s issues better than anyone. But you don’t have to let it disappear and be for naught. Here’s how:

First off, take a deep breath. Step away from email. Don’t answer that phone. Look at the cards you may have collected or into your notes you took during sessions. Pick One name. Think and remember, what or who inspired you the most. Reach out to them (a quick email will do, yes I know I said step away from email but you can go back and do this).

Not comfortable reaching out to anyone yet? No problem. Look at the notes you took. Let them remind you of that One session where you had that “aha” moment. Start making a quick outline based on that of what you can do over the next few months or even the rest of the year.

Maybe it’s following up with an app company or even that session speaker. Trust me when I say, they will be More than happy to hear from you. They want you to succeed and if you share your questions or the fact that you were moved and want to take a step they will indeed follow up and make sure you’re taking it.

Whether it’s a company rep, another firm owner or a known “thought leader” that may seem like they don’t have time for you because they’re busy too. They will make the time, they will help bring back some of what inspired you during those few days.

Finally, if for any reason you don’t feel comfortable reaching back out, at the very least, take the time to remember even One thing you heard or saw that made you appreciate being an accountant, it will be worth it all.

And hey, maybe try to go to more than one event per year so that it’s not so long in between. Most importantly, don’t let the comedown keep you down. You made that trip for a reason, you just need to remind yourself what it was and move forward with confidence.

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