What Accounting Needs to Grow

I always love a good discussion about moving the accounting profession forward, and my recent chat with Jeffery Cronin of Tax1099.com and the CPA Transformation Podcast was a true pleasure.

On the podcast, we covered all manner of issues facing the profession, and we got real about what it’s going to take for it to move forward. For the most part, I thought we remained positive, but there are some serious action items that firm leaders in the profession need to consider and even embrace if anything is to improve and move in a successful direction.

Here’s the short (ish) list of the points we covered:

Building Effective Partnerships: Discover how to cultivate robust relationships between vendors and the CPA industry.

Fostering Trust: Learn key strategies to build trust and strong professional bonds.

Business Mindset for CPAs: Transition your CPA firm to operate more like a successful business.

Life-Work Balance: Navigate the complexities of maintaining balance in a competitive environment.

Diversity and Inclusion: Promote a more inclusive and diverse workplace within the accounting field.

Compensation Evolution: Stay ahead with insights on evolving pay structures.

Billing Models: Weigh the pros and cons of hourly billing versus fee-for-service models.

Tune in for the full discussion that will (hopefully) provide you with invaluable insights to enhance your practice.

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