Best Ways to Communicate at the Busiest Time

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If your firm is steeped in tax, then you know one of the key frustrations, especially this time, is communicating needs to clients and staff, often creating a feeling of chaos.

The moniker “busy season” mostly came about because of all the tasks that needed to be done in a relatively short amount of time. And in order to complete these tasks, communication between staff and clients has to be essential. Yet, one of the key frustrations during tax season is client communication and getting everyone on the same page.

Often, clients do not share exactly what you need when you need it, despite multiple attempts to do so via organizers and emails. So what can you do to stem these frustrations without coming out of your face at clients or even your own staff and ultimately getting your needs met?

In my view, one of the best ways to get answers to these issues is to just talk them out. This is why I started the Tax Chat series with CPA Trendlines.

Each session has been a lively discussion about top-of-mind issues during, arguably, the busiest time of the year. Take a break to hear colleagues and topic matter experts discuss these pointed issues and their benefits. And, at the very least, it’s a pause in your day.

Coming up on Thurs. March 28, at 1pm EST/10am PDT, we have a special treat for you. I will be chatting with the one and only “Countess of Communication” herself, Geni Whitehouse, CPA. During this focused chat, entitled Client Communications for Peak Tax Season, which I sincerely hope you participate in, you will learn about:

– What you can do to improve overall client communications

– How to reduce the “back and forth” between staff and clients

– Setting realistic boundaries and timelines

– Getting documents and information you need and avoiding getting “ghosted”

– How to best share your processes to ensure a smoother overall tax season and prevent mistakes

– Keeping staff frustrations at a minimum

While there is no CPE, it is an open chat, participation is encouraged, and registration is FREE. Do join us!

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